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Learn Tarot

Have you ever wanted to learn to read the tarot properly, accurately and with confidence?

Well now you can with our easy to follow Tarot Workshops.

Learn easy tips on how to maximise your reading potential.

  • How to choose the right deck.
  • Learn how to interpret the cards.
  • Find out about the suits and what they mean.
  • When to refuse to give a reading and why.
  • How to create your own spreads.
  • How to read morally and ethically.

Coming soon *new Tarot courses*


What is a clairvoyant?

Someone that sees things that others cannot, this may be spirit or energy or a vision that transports the viewer to another time or place or set of eventualities.

Wikipedia says “The term clairvoyance (from French clair meaning “clear” and voyance meaning “vision”) is used to refer to the ability to gain information about an object, person, location or physical event through means other than the known human senses, a form of extra-sensory perception. A person said to have the ability of clairvoyance is referred to as a clairvoyant (“one who sees clearly”).”

A clairvoyant is something other than a medium, clairvoyants see and experience more of the world than those less sensitive, this may include seeing energy and visions, experiencing sound and smell and sensations, they are connected to the living world and not the dead.

What is a medium by Wiki definition is “Mediumship is defined as the practice of certain people—known as mediums—to mediate communication between spirits of the dead and other human beings. While no evidence has been accepted by the scientific community in support of the view that there has been communication between the living and the dead, some parapsychologists say that some of their research suggests that such communication may have taken place. The practice is associated with several religious belief systems such as Spiritualism, Spiritism, Candomblé, Voodoo, Umbanda and some New Age groups.”

Find out more at www.clairvoyant-forum.com The forum for psychics and clairvoyants and those that want to know more, meet like minded people or ask questions and get support and advice in a friendly polite and caring community.



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Psychics Wanted

  • Are you a psychic, clairvoyant, tarot reader or angel reader?
  • Are you proficient, confident, accurate and reliable?
  • Do you want to join Psychic-Forum’s new Reading Team?
  • Do you want to join the newest group of readers on the net?

If you are interested then please drop us an email with a few details about yourself, your qualifications, experience and why you would like to join us and we will be in touch.

Please note that all readers will be expected to offer free readings and adhere to our Code of Ethics too.


email: readings@psychic-forum.com

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Whats Happening

Welcome to the new home of:-

Psychic-Forum.com and Clairvoyant-Forum.com


First a huge welcome to everyone. I bet you are all wondering what is happening here at the main Psychic Forum?


Well we are ***under new management*** and are now ready to let the new improved forum back online. There are new sections, new categories and new topics, of course all the old favourites will be there too.

So if you are interested in the world of psychic phenomena or want to know how to develop your intuition or gifts you have come to the right place. Courses, workshops and chat sessions or if you prefer a one to one service too. Learn about crystals, how to read tarot or just drop by and say hello.

Try out our Dream Experiments, or learn how to understand your dreams in our Dream Workshop. Learn how to stay calm and have more confidence in one of our Personal Development Workshops.

Want to know more about Tarot Reading or Psychics or Clairvoyance?


Join our new Tarot Club, in depth discussion about tarot. Need support with a reading or have a question that you need help with, then this is the place for you. www.tarotclub.co.uk

Want a private and confidential reading from one of our new team of Dedicated Readers?

Come and say hello, take a look around, we look forward to your visit.


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