Tarot Club!




.¸¸.*  Tarot Club *.¸¸.*

Tarot Club is a new forum to discuss tarot and all that goes with it. It is friendly and fun and for the moment free to all members that want to join. But we are also quite serious about tarot reading and our tarot decks.

Tarot Club is a special forum and for the moment members will have the added bonus of being able to not only access Tarot Club, but all the other sections of the Soul Development community.

We have our own domain name that brings you right to the club pages www.TarotClub.co.uk

The pages and forums within the club are only on view to club members, with the exception of this part which gives all the information people need on how to join and the benefits etc.

Many tarot groups and associations are strictly tarot only and do not cater for those that read with a more empathic and holistic approach, perhaps using their intuition or other tools such as crystals to add to the reading experience. Here we aim to be non-judgemental, open minded and although we do keep to very high standards of ethical and moral codes when we are reading we also allow more freedom of individual style to be explored.

The Tarot Club will be looking to promote responsible tarot reading and so we ask that all members read our Code of Ethics and agree to those principles.


For details on how to join www.tarotclub.co.uk

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