Good Tarot Reading Subjects, and bad..

Do you remember when you were just learning your first tarot card. You shuffled the deck and laid out the cards and well, just read them whilst referring to the book. Usually the LWB, the little white book that can with the deck, tiny words, not much detail and sometimes unhelpful phrases that really didn’t seem to make a lot of sense.

Then you realised that you could learn the cards from a better book or a course and your reading skills improved. So when did all that change? When did the ease of picking up the cards and just reading get bogged down in all this mental red tape? And why?

So why are some questions good and some questions bad?

Of course there are some legal issues to deal with, then moral and ethical issues. But as I am throwing caution to the wind here why not change our thoughts completely for a moment and pretend that all questions are equally good and worthwhile?

People turn to tarot for a reason, they want answers. They probably don’t know anything else about tarot apart from it can tell things, they really don’t want anything else either and if they don’t get the answer to the question they asked then they will most probably complain and just go on to the next reader they can find.

Most people don’t realise that it isn’t a good idea to do a reading about pregnancy or the gender of the unborn child, or any health issue really, those are all best left to the doctor or medical professional. Even psychic-tv refuses to allow their readers to answer those sorts of questions., and more recently they have also changed and made the decision to add financial and legal issues to the growing list of topics that they are not allowed to discuss. About time too.

But surely it is the quality of the reader that is most important here, the best reader may easily be able to dodge difficult subjects and diplomatically answer even the most pointed question. But should we?

Now obviously sitting with your client face to face makes this much easier, a quick discussion, change the subject, redirect the conversation and crisis averted. Then we can give our own personal advice or an intuitive comment or two about the wiseness of not asking when will I fall pregnant when really shouldn’t we all be concerned about a live healthy baby and mum?

Asking about money can be a tricky subject especially as most people seem to see tarot as fortune telling. But anything can happen, that is why we have free will and freedom of choice so isn’t it better to offer some neutral advice than declare put your money in a plastic bag under the mattress?


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