The Coming of Awareness

Reading the thousands of posts here means that I get kind of a unique perspective on things. The mood, thoughts and interests of new members often reflect changes in society.

For instance when the Twilight Saga came out we had an influx of people believing they were vampires, or could read minds like Edward, or see the future like Alice, or feel emotions and control them like Jasper. Wonderful and really useful abilities.

Before that we had Charmed, Medium and Ghost Whisperer and before that Most Haunted. Now people claiming to be ‘psychics’ and ‘mediums’ are on every night on tv, on the radio or in a live performance somewhere.

Beliefs change with the sway of the human herd but there lingers an undercurrent of truth and a search for knowledge. People want explanations, to know if they are different, special – when in truth everyone is.

It is really quite normal to be able to figure out who is on the phone, who is going to knock on the door, which road to take; to experience a dream of a real life event or to dream about something happening which then does. But some people panic or make a fuss or want more, and some just shrug and get on with life.

We are all linked, we are all part of the human race. Each one of our molecules touches another and that one another and so on until we are ALL touching, in communication, but perhaps unaware.

What most people experience is an awakening. A realisation that there is something more that they have never seen or thought about before. It’s almost like walking into a new world, one that is more sensitive, more aware, more caring, compassionate, volatile, energetic and interesting. Where things can happen; things that always did but now we see them as if we have just opened our eyes for the first time, like someone shortsighted putting on their first pair of glasses. Suddenly things make sense, they are in focus, we can see!

It is becoming far more normal to be sensitive that it is to be ignorant, brusque and abrupt and numb to these things.

As families grow more, and more young people are brought up in an environment that has changed so much from 100 years ago when ‘witches’ were killed, or even 20 or 10 years ago, when the internet was new and costly. Now information is available at the fingertip at the press of a button, on tap whenever we want it or need it. And many people have taken advantage of that, many have opened up sites proclaiming to be ‘psychic’ ‘mediums’ giving readings that do far more damage than the old gypsy fortune teller at the fairground could ever do.

Suddenly everyone has a ‘gift’, an ‘ability’. Suddenly everyone thinks they are special or has a unique talent or experience or is an expert, and often at a very young age, when experience is so limited and knowledge so crucial.

From watching communities online for the past decade I have seen so many new people start out without a clue, then they get a Tarot deck and next thing they are an expert, they set up shop selling readings, or they buy a few crystals and sell them again, and no-one knows that just weeks before they were a beginner.

Every now and then there is a shining light, someone that is the real thing. Someone that can really heal, someone that can really see the future or know your thoughts. These go so quietly amidst the noise that they get overlooked, they do not make a fuss, they just move on, they do not fight, they back away.

So, perhaps we should all think about our level of awareness? We can all become more sensitive, more caring and gentle, more open and compassionate, sympathetic and empathic. We can all develop our soul, increase and develop our intuition and expand our knowledge.

But we also need humility and humbleness, we need to be able to honour and respect, and we need to share a common sense of belonging.

Everyone is special!

In truth we are no different to the next person….

…..But we can be!

……and that is what *.¸¸.☆ Soul Development ☆.¸¸.* is all about So

So come and join in the fun, it’s free!

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